Working Methodology

Desktop sharing using various tools for clarifying drawings data in realtime.

Data transfer and information exchange from Client and Overseas Engineering Services :

  • Different information relate to project are transferred through client to Overseas and from Overseas to Client by using Ftp site/Email.
  • We also provides Dedicated Ftp site for client for his security of data only. In other case client also provide us Ftp site for us only. We work as per client requirement.

Data submission to clients from us and from us to client Working Strategy with client :

  • Scope of work and Discussion for Client’s Requirement.
  • Scope of work and Discussion for Client’s per client’s requirement, working method as per client’s requirement. Client’s requirement for Nos. of person requirement as per project requirement etc. etc.
  • For design work requirement of Design codes.
  • Communications from Us to client for project requirement and required data.
  • Technical discussion and commercial discussion.
  • Conclusion for Schedule of work and Final discussion.
  • Submission of Schedule to client for Deliverables with final rates.
  • Further discussion for any missing data’s from client.
  • Timely delivery of our work from Our production unit to Client as per Schedule.

Production/Work Transfer Strategy from Us to client :

  • We send all deliverables through ftp/Email as per client requirement and notification to client through email/Telephonic talk
  • We send a transmittal for each deliverables to let every important people let know for our deliverables.
  • During work period if found any problems/discrepancy/missing info. We communicate through email/ftp site/Telephonic discussion related to problem (with our recommended solutions).
  • Further Modification as per changes to due to site condition/ Changes as per Customer’s requirement/Specifications Etc. Discussion for change in time as per changes.
  • Technical and Commercial Discussion
  • Submission of Revised schedule
  • Further deliverables and final dispatch as per schedule from our production unit.

Production unit and client data security :

  • Secured allotted area in the premises for each Client.
  • Secured Server / Networking for each Client & access to Project/Team Leader Only.
  • Security of data, drawings and other details of Clients.
  • Project Manager & Team Leader and team sit together in the Group.
  • Security of data and details to be copied to the external media from the premises of Overseas Engineering Services.