Mechanical 3D Modeling Services

Most of the businesses in the mechanical industries incorporate the use of mechanical modelling services. It is an important aspect in their business that they should not miss out as it helps them get the most dynamic feature of their engineering projects. If you are one of those who are looking for great efficiency in making your business engineering project a success, you have come to the right place. Our company is among the leading engineering outsourcing companies in India that provides global standard mechanical 3D modelling services to clients locally and internationally.

We offer mechanical modelling services that help deliver clients the benefits for their product development. We are a leading mechanical engineering services provider in India that follows robust technology for our every project execution, guaranteeing high exemplary results to our clients. Our team of mechanical engineers are highly skilled and the use the most current software and techniques in delivering their engineering services.

Mechanical 3D Modeling Portfolio

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The company specializes in providing clients with dimensionally-accurate mechanical design drawings based on their clients’ guidelines and choice of format. We offer complete set of CAD drawings for different conceptual layout, component design, product design, rapid prototypes, machine assembly design, and reverse engineering projects. For every manufacturing process, mechanical modelling services are needed as it describes physical characteristics of the project completely as well as accurately.

The company’s mechanical modelling services include the following:

CAD Data Migration

This refers to the transfer of existing CAD models to the CAD system that is different from where the former was created. It is necessary to execute CAD migration for it to stay compatible with the new CAD system, especially in situations where the CAD environment is being changed. This mechanical modelling service is frequently practiced today due to the existence of multi-CAD environment. CAD migration is often used for engineering projects as they are essential for validation to guarantee integrity of the CAD model. The company provides special tools for the CAD data migration services they render.

CAD Data Translation Solutions

The company provides repair services to clients on their existing CAD models that have been created from different CAD system. We offer the most suitable solution to repair current CAD models or covert them from one format into another to create a valid B-Reps. They support a full option of data formats, providing them greater flexibility as well as automation.

Reverse Engineering

The company also offer reverse engineering solution that allows the automatic conversion of triangulated CAD model into fully parametric CAD model. The reverse engineering process involves loading of mesh file and checking of its consistency. It also include the division of these mesh files into segmentation called mesh patches and the reversion of the mesh patches to a parametric representation, including cylinders, ruled surfaces, planes, SORs, NURBS etc. The reverse engineering process also involves sewing of parametric patches into solid BREP and storing the solid model result into CAD format.

The company is committed in integrating the latest and most innovative technology into each of the mechanical 3D modelling services. We boat an array of successful mechanical modelling projects. Our team members are highly skilled and experienced and always use superior quality control methodology when it comes to mechanical engineering services.